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Control Robots with the iPad – Walky

8 December 2010 No Comment

You let your fingers do the walking with “Walky”, an iPad application used to control a bipedal robot with simple finger movements. Walky is said to take a WYSIWYG (what is see is what you get) approach to robot control. The robot’s legs basically imitate your fingers’ movements on the iPad, making it easy for anyone to pick up the tablet and take a robot for a walk. As opposed to regular controllers that take some time to master.

This iPad version is a follow up to the app for the iPhone. On the iPad, it seems the user has a lot more space to move comfortably. The latest Walky video was uploaded by the Sugiura Brothers who also brought us the Cooky, a group of robots that make your meal for you. Too bad they don’t do the dishes too.

via: Robot Dreams

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