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[7 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
Ultraman Transformation using a Kinect Hack

These Kinect hacks coming out keep blowing my mind. Here is Japanese YouTube user hogehoge335 demonstrating his heroic transformation into Ultra Seven, a version of the popular super hero Utraman. Watch Hogehoge don the Ultra suit, shoot energy beams at real objects and even fly.

It would have been cool if the entire suit was 3D, but this is pure awesome. Agent 340 would be impressed.

Via: Asiajin

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[3 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
Your 3DS Girlfriend Won’t Cheat On You

Konami Love Plus promises to be the most advanced portable dating sim. To be released with the 3DS, it will use 3D graphics (duh), motion sensors and facial recognition. Using facial recognition it will feature the “boyfriend lock”, meaning no one else will be able to interact with your “girlfriend” except you. If someone else attempts mess with your “girl” behind your back she’ll respond to stranger with phrases such as “Who are you?”.
Source: Siliconera via: Engadet

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[25 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
This Week in Japanese Tech – Dec 25

Faking Touch Sensation
Waseda University is working on a device that uses visual stimuli to trick the brain into thinking its receiving tactile sensations that don’t actually exist. It works like this.
“To create an illusion, first, the hand is actually given a tactile stimulus. In time with that, a video showing receipt of the tactile stimulus is presented. Then the stimulus to the hand is stopped, the motion is stopped. But on screen, the object giving the stimulus continues to move. So user feels that the tactile stimulus, which should have …

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[1 Dec 2010 | 6 Comments | ]
Make: Tokyo 06 Hightlights [Video]

Just a few scenes from last month’s Make: Tokyo Meeting 06. I’m still in awe of the ingenuity of the exhibits, being that a lot of them are from people who are only hobbyists.
Make Magazine is a DIY (Do it yourself) and DIWO (Do it with others) publication that caters to creative people who love experimenting with electronics, computers, robots and craft in their free time. What better place than Japan bring this party? Originally from the US, Make has been in Japan for a while now and is …

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[26 Nov 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Cute and Funny Stuff – MAKE: Tokyo Meeting 06

Japan’s creative hobbyists were out in there numbers this month for MAKE Tokyo Meeting number 6. There were works from both the fields of technology and art. The exhibitions were generally impressive, here some of the cute and funny ones.
The remote controlled bunny ears were the cutest thing there. It’s a pair of animated rabbit ears that you wear. You can control the movement of the ears with a remote controller in the form of a ball (also dressed up as a bunny). The ball has a tilt sensor so …

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[24 Nov 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Final Fantasy Diet Chair

When Ryo started his diet, he got really bored with measuring his progress and keeping motivated. So he did what any good geek would do; use a video game to help him out, and thus the “Final Fantasy V Diet Chair” was created.
It’s simple, Ryo sets a goal and measures his weight everyday, his progress with is diet is shown as progress in a Final Fantasy V video. For this he uses a Wii balance board hooked up to his PC and a custom Google Chrome add on. Here’s …

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[22 Nov 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
Robot version of Nausicaa’s Ohmu – Mecha Ohmu

Ghibli fans will instantly recognize this creation as a mechanical version of an Ohmu from the classic “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” This is creator Dr. Gen Endo’s tribute to one of his favorite films. This is how it crawled at MAKE Tokyo.

Mecha Ohmu has a bump sensor so that it can change direction when it hits an object. It’s also sensitive to bright light, if you shine a light at it gets angry, and just like the ones in the film the eyes start glowing red …

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[27 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]
Remember the Robot Suit from Aliens?

Remember that suit from the Alien movies that Ripley uses to kick the alien queen’s ass? Well now you can buy one.

This was the inspiration for Panasonic’s POWERLOADER robot suits. They were developed to augment the wearer’s strength making them able to easily perform tasks strenuous and repetitive tasks. Like loading crates in the cargo bay of a space ship or fighting giant aliens.
Recently news of “POWERLOADER Light” has been released. This a slimed down version of the suit. It can increase the power of your leg movements by 40 kg. …

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[16 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Hikari No Tokei – It’s LED time

Hikari no Tokei (Light Clock) is a stunning installment in Tokyo’s Seibu Department flagship store.

The clock has 4 LED surfaces on each side of a column. The time is displayed in animated typography and on every hour, viewers are treated to a light show accompanied by music.
THA, the company that designed the light clock have an awesome video of it in action. Check it out.

via: THA

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[6 Oct 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
3 Reasons Why Building a Giant Mecha is a Really Bad Idea

Mechas, we grew up with  them, Voltron, Gundam, The Mighty Orbots, The Power Rangers’ Megazord. It’s a pretty long list. As a kid you thought  it would be cool to pilot one of those things (I still do).  Well, actually it wouldn’t. The whole idea of  using a giant-sized humanoid robot in battle is incredibly ridiculous. Here are 3 reasons why.
1. It would be ridiculously expensive!
How expensive? Try around *960 million dollars!!.. for just one!
Takayuki Furuta, the director of Japan’s Future Robotics Technology Center, did the math. Back in 2008 in …