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Beautiful River of LED Lights by Panasonic

10 May 2012 2 Comments

On May 2nd a Firefly Festival was held at Tokyo’s Sumida River. For the occasion Panasonic presented a stunning art installation in which hundreds of LED lights drifted along the river. The small floating orbs represented a dance of fireflies with an accompanying light show by the enormous Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.

The lights used for the event are called “wishing stars”. Each of these orbs is equipped with a Panasonic LED chip, rechargeable batteries and solar cells. This means that the wishing stars create and store their own energy, making this art installation an eco-friendly one. And in case you’re like me and wondered if they just left them in the river, all the lights were collected after the show to be used in the future. Panasonic’s collaborators, Amanogawa Project use these lights in events all over Japan.

Via: FarEastGizmos

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