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Bad Breath, Hunger, and Alcohol Level Detector Apps for Android [Video]

14 October 2011 One Comment

Japanese cellphone operators DoCoMo had a strong showing at this year’s CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies 2011). The company exhibited a number of Android based mobile devices centered around monitoring health and diet. Among the devices on display were a food photograph analyzer, a hunger/fat burning detector,a breath checker and a breathalyzer.

The hunger analyzer consisted of a smartphone mounted on a cradle attached to an acetone detector. Acetone is a compound that is released by the body when we metabolize fat, so we produce more acetone when we’re hungry. To get a reading the user blows into a straw attached to the detector and a graphic showed on the smartphone displays the user’s hunger level and the amount of fat being burned. This application can be used to schedule meals, workout sessions and measure the efficiency of exercises.

They also displayed a number of smartphone jackets equipped with various sensors. One of these jackets was a bad breath checker and breathalyzer. To know how bad your breath is just simply blow into a sensor located at the bottom of the jacket, the same goes for measuring your blood alcohol content. Your breath is analyzed and a read out is displayed showing your level of intoxication 1 being sober and 5 being completely wasted. This could be particularly useful for checking if your breath is fresh enough before a night of partying and then checking if you’re sober enough to make rational decisions at the end of the night.

All of these devices exhibited are still currently in development but I’m pretty sure the public would be really anxious to get their hands of these. There was even one smartphone jacket that measured radiation levels, clearly in response to concerns of radiation exposure here in the Kanto region of Japan. Looking forward to seeing these on the market.

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