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Augmented Reality T-Shirts Give You New Ways to Mess with Friends

6 July 2013 No Comment


Give your friends superpowers, pit them against each other, shatter their crystal hearts into tiny little pieces. That’s what this commercial for a line of augmented reality t-shirts say you can do. Check out these ASOBERU-T (asoberu means “to play”)

Developed by advertising company Dentsu, these AR t-shirts come with an app that lets you interact with the designs. By simply holding your cellphone camera over the t-shirt, you’ll see elements such as characters pop-up. You’ll be able to play with these designs and save the images to you’re phone and then share these potentially embarrassing photos online.


Clothing retailer BEAM have release a line of these t-shirts in collaboration with the popular manga GINTAMA. You can check them out here.


via: Akihabara News

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