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ASIMO Dance Battle

31 October 2010 2 Comments

Today is ASIMO’s birthday and as a part of the 5 day celebration, Honda presented what was probably the world’s first human vs robot dance battle.

For a better angle check out Moriyama’s video.

ASIMO went up against the Comedian Papaya Suzuki. I’m not gonna say who I thought won, that’s up you.

This was a part of the first of three presentations today. These included a talk from ASIMO’s creator, and a demonstration of ASIMO’s potential use as a companion, servant and host. ASIMO demonstrated how he was able to welcome a customer, guide them to their table and take their order. This was followed by a run demo and a solo dance number.

Everyone in the audience had a chance to shake hands with and have their picture taken with the birthday bot; making some kids really happy.

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