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AR Technology that Makes Food Look Bigger so Your Waist Doesn’t [Video]

22 March 2012 One Comment

Here’s some high-tech help to keep you on that diet of yours. “Augmented Satiety” is augmented reality technology that limits a user’s consumption of food by changing the apparent size of the meal item. According to the makers of the device, recent psychological studies have shown that the amount of food consumed is not only influenced by actual volume but also external factors. They deduced that if we eat something that looks larger we are convinced that we’re full sooner than if we eat smaller looking food.

The demonstration shows a subject wearing AR goggles which show a modified video image of the food being eaten. Results show that energy intake decreases relative to the apparent increase in the volume of food. I assume the reverse my also be true allowing users to eat much more of healthy foods that they hate.

Engadget Japan via AsiaJin

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