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Android smart mirror, interactive narcissism

14 May 2012 No Comment

This is a sensible and convenient use of android technology, a smart mirror. Japanese company Seraku recently demoed their mirror at the Smartphone and Mobile Expo. The exhibit featured a display which you could use to check the weather and your weight. The smart mirror consists of a pane of semi-transparent glass in front of an LCD monitor. Users interact with the display by placing their hands close to areas of interest as RF proximity sensors detect this motion. This is all powered by an android tablet in the background.

Though not yet commercially available, Seraku plans to have the mirrors in public places such as beauty saloons and bars where people can use it fill out questionnaires. I think it would also make a great tool for advertising. Drill your brand into your customers heads even when they’re washing their hands in the bathroom.

via: The Verge

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