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“Aerial 3D” True 3D Hologram Projector

15 November 2011 9 Comments

I came across this awesome hologram projector exhibited by Burton Inc at DC Expo 2011. What makes this device impressive, is that it actually produces true 3D images. Unlike other holographic devices that rely on trickery such as overlapping 2D images to give the illusion of 3d, the Burton hologram is formed by points of light generated in actual 3D space.

The device shown at the expo was a scaled down version of their “Aerial 3D” technology called the SRV-5000 (Super Real Vision). In the past, Burton has displayed larger 3D images generated in mid-air by powerful lasers. The SRV-5000 however consists of lasers projected in a glass case filled with water.

The animated images displayed were a mask, a dolphin, a man walking, some text and a sphere made of swirly lines. At an event earlier this year in France they announced that it also supports Kinect which makes it possible to display a 3D avatar that mimics a users motion in real time.

There are plans to create a full color display by combining red, green and blue lasers. The possible uses of this device are in digital signage, 3D object analysis and in medicine. This larger version of the Aerial 3D technology could also be used to create detailed animated displays in the sky like some sort of magical fireworks. Now that’s cool.

via:Burton Kurisuto
Image: DigInfo

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  • http://holopackholoprint.com Ian Lancaster

    If you had been at Holo-pack*Holo-print®, The Holography Conference, in Las Vegas last week you would have seen true holographic projections in ful 3D, full colour, free space – no restricting “container”. Plus much other stuff showing just how far holography has come in the last few years to achieve true colour, 3D holograms. That’s where the true 3D action is!

  • James

    If you would have done a half-second of research you would have learned that the “restricting container” was due to safety concerns. It does actually create true 3d images in 3d space and has been doing so since 2011. Not since last week. You missed the “true 3D action.”

  • Falconsoft

    How much does it cost?

  • Falconsoft

    One more thing can it be in full colour not restricted inside a box, I will pay any amount of cash needed to buy it, money is no object… For me and my company…

  • Falconsoft

    Also I need it to be safe for humans to touch…

  • Falconsoft

    You see I am creating a interactive holographic gaming console, the falcon box

  • Falconsoft

    If you like the idea email me at azzgenius@hotmail.com I will also be hiring programmers to program the operating system for the console…

  • Falconsoft

    Gees I was simply asking how I could get a fully safe full coloured holographic image projector people can interact with that is not trapped inside a glass box…

  • Carolina Lou

    Well, I know that most current 3D devices project
    pictures onto a 2D screen, and make the pictures appear 3D through an optical illusion. but this device actually shows images
    in mid-air.