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A Cyborg Vision of Humanity – Keitai Girl

6 July 2013 No Comment


It’s hard to imagine life without a mobile phone, isn’t it? We and our cellphones have become inseparable. Your music player, video player, mini -computer, GPS, the list goes on. However the most important thing about cellphones is the that fact they keeps us connected and this is inspiration behind Noriko Yamaguchi’s “Keitai Girl” (Cellphone Girl). This piece is embodiment of modern human’s perpetual connection to cyberspace.


Created way back in 2003, the Keitai Girl was the artist herself in a skin-tight suit covered with silver cellphone keypads (Back when cellphones had keypads). On her head were huge headphones with wires that drape down to her feet. The interesting thing about her onstage performances as the lady cyborg, was that the get-up was actually functional; audience members were able to dial up her suit’s phone number and have a live conversation with her.


MEM via: Globo

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