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A 12 Foot Tall Mecha with Kinect Controls and Guns!

13 May 2012 One Comment

This 4.9 ton, 12.5 foot (3.8 meter) metal monstrosity is Vaudeville, a project in progress by a small group of mecha enthusiasts called “Suidobashi Heavy Industry”. The single-pilot giant robot is controlled using a smartphone, master-slave control and also a Kinect sensor in the cockpit. Check out this video showing their work in progress.

It is truly amazing that a backyard project such as this could be of such high quality. The best thing about this project is that when it is finished you have a chance to own it. The team has plans to sell the completed mecha after personalizing it for the buyer, adding a camouflage paint job and optional water guns. I wonder if they would add real guns too? Vaudeville is expected to be completed by the end of the year so start saving up. Still not sold? Check out this video of one of the hands in action.

via: PlasticPals

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  • http://www.nihongomaster.com/ Mew

    Ooh the possibilities…

    Like build another one and have slow motion mecha wars in your backyard?