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3D Holograms of Your Favorite Virtual Idols with the iPad

28 August 2012 6 Comments

HAKO-ANI (Box Sister) is a holographic display designed for use with iPad and other tablet devices. It allows users to enjoy 3D images projected from their tablet to a pyramid shaped holographic display. This means fans of virtual idols, such as Hatsune Miku can use it to enjoy tiny “live” performances from the comfort of their home. The tablet version of HAKO-ANI will be available on August 1st and will cost ¥36,750 ($467 US).

HAKOANI via Asiajin

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  • Raied3

    How can I buy this??

  • Cynthiavanhsy

    is that all she does. Does she o anything else ?

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  • ccods

    yes. pretty lame huh?

  • victor chance II

    you mean no. no, she dooesnt do anything else