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Lighter/Cellphone? 3 Imaginative phone designs

4 November 2010 No Comment

Yamaha and Fujitsu are collaborating to produce some tiny and seemingly really fun cellphones.

The CASTA.NET looks just like a lighter until you flip it open to reveal an earbud speaker, a tiny screen and a receiver. It appears that you dial using a scroll wheel in the middle.

BPm – (Behavior Playability motion) has an ear muff covered speaker to rest your ear against which you can swivel inwards or outwards.

CASE-X is a flip cellphone but instead of the regular clam shell design it has four sections not two. You can flip the sections to display different components of the phone. Which include an actual tuning fork that is used as a ring device. According to the Yamaha website you can feel “like a magician” while using it.

The theme of these three designs is “Behavior as performance, more playful rather than useful“. You may not be able to surf the web with these babies, but they sure look like a lot a fun. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Check out these pics

via Yamaha They’ve got video too!!

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