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Wristwatch Phone – Pretend to be 007

9 December 2010 No Comment

With this concept wristwatch phone you could make calls, access twitter and other social networking sites, pretend to be James Bond and get all the chicks.

I’m not entirely sure I’d want this. Don’t get me wrong it’s cool, but think about making a calls. You would have to use a headset unless you’d want to have the other person on speaker (does it have a speaker?), and headsets are alright but I’d still want to just be able to answer my phone normally. The twitter function seems really useful, you’d be able to check tweets by just glancing at your wrist. But this is a PHS phone which means, to access twitter you’d need to be tethered to a smartphone, and what’s the point of carrying around two phones?

I’d probably still get it for the cool factor. I wonder if it tells time too?

Via: DigInfoTV

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