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Bottle Up Your Emotions in a Jar, then Unleash them on the World.

7 December 2011 4 Comments

At Make Tokyo Meeting 07, I came across a group of students from the University of Tsukuba, who believe the best way to release bottled up emotions is to actually shout them into a bottle. Their invention is called the “Wat Bottle”, from the Japanese word watto which means to cry out suddenly in a loud voice.

It’s pretty simple; open the lid, scream the source of your frustration into the jar where your voice is recorded, close the lid and shake the jar to amplify the sound, then open the jar to hear a mechanized version of your voice. The bottle has an LED meter on the side that confirms that your voice has been recorded and indicates that it has been amplified. Inside there is an mbed microcontroller board with voice processing software.

So what would you shout into a Wat Bottle?

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