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Voice Controlled Air Conditioner

14 September 2011 No Comment

You’ll never have to worry about loosing the remote for your air conditioner again with this line of voice controlled ACs by Toshiba.

The voice command system works using a voice controller unit that detects commands and transmits them to the AC unit via infra-red. By using one of 26 preregistered words the user can access a variety of functions for example “start”, “stop”, “timer” and “heating”. After the receiving a command the unit repeats it using a synthesized voice as it transits to the AC. The voice controller unit can be activated by pressing a start button or clapping your hands.

Fujitsu thinks that system would be really convenient for situations when one is unable to use a remote, for example when both hands are occupied, in the dark or if you’re like me; when the remote cannot be found. What’s really cool about these voice controller units is that they can also be used with other Fujitsu appliances such as remote controlled lights and TVs.

There are 13 models of these “Daiseikai VoiCE NDR” series home air conditioners to be released in early November 2011 in Japan. No word yet on there release overseas.

via: TechON & ITmedia

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