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In Japan TV Watches You.

30 May 2011 One Comment

They’ve finally done it folks! TV that watches you, knows who you are and what you like, based on your facial expressions. It’s called UTAN (User Technology Assisted Navigation) and it’s currently being researched by the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).

With a camera mounted on the TV, UTAN uses facial recognition technology to identify the age and number of viewers. Is it the whole family? Is it just the child? The content presented changes depending on who is watching and also their level of interest. If you express interest in certain scenes, then related content will be recommended on the screen of a tablet PC.

Currently the UTAN doesn’t know the difference between a smile and an angry face. It only notices that there is some change in the viewer’s emotional state based on what their default facial expression is. NHK is working on improving the accuracy of the system to where it will be able to determine a viewer’s identity and exact emotional response.

NHK and TechON

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  • c b

    this is just another fake out of the American sheeple. This will be sold as a way to enhance your TV viewing obsession. ANd all the US slave puppets will buy this as they are told by the people in the TV’s they follow blindly. And all the while the US government TSA, DHS, FBI,DEA,CIA, TSA will all be watching your every movement action and conversation and will move to arrest any and everyone that displayed even the slightest independent though or  dare to walk nude threw their own house  or den.