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This Week in Japanese Tech – Dec 11

11 December 2010 No Comment

In this feature we’ll look at a few stories from Japan in the past week that fall into the categories of unique gadgetry, robotics or developing technology.

Human Batteries

Fujitsu Laboratories may have taken a hint for the machines in the matrix, with this power generating device that converts heat and light energy in to electricity. While there are devices that run off heat or light, this is first one to use both. The device can be powered by a person’s body temperature which makes it ideal for use in medical sensors in hospitals. via: TechOn

Record Your Emotions

The Dew is a wearable camera in the form of a silver sphere that captures a 180 degree panoramic imagine. It uses a voice detection system to determine the wearer’s emotional state and can use a specific emotion to trigger video recording. So I guess if you’d like to know what are the things in your day that get you angry you could use the Dew to catalog those events that caused you to lose your temper. via: DigInfo

Pets Have Faces Too

While we’re talking about cameras; Panasonic released Face U, face recognition for pets. This software for mobile phones and cameras can recognize dogs’, cats’ and birds’ faces. The software can also recognize an animal’s face if you store it’s face data from a previous picture. via: NODE (in Japanese)

Super Smart Vending Machines, Too smart?

These new high tech vending machines sport a 47-inch touch screen panel that shows an animated display of the available drinks. But the biggest feature is the facial recognition programming used to identify the consumers age and gender to recommend drinks targeted for that demographic. Actual imagines are not stored but demographic data is collected on a central server and used to record consumers preferences. But isn’t a vending machine recording you a bit creepy? via: Akihabara News

These are some of the most interesting Japanese tech stories that weren’t featured on TokyoTek this week. Did I miss anything? Let me know.

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