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This Week in Japanese Tech – Dec 18

18 December 2010 No Comment

The New Sega Console is Going Down the Toilets Urinals

Sega is a finally back in the console market and they decided go somewhere no console has gone before, the public rest room.  This will be the only game system that you can play with your…. let’s just say it’s great to be a male of the species if you want to play this.  The system uses a pressure sensor placed on a target spot in the urinal. Pressure applied to this sensor is used to interact with games displayed on a monitor above the urinal. What kinda games you ask?

  • Manneken Pis, in which the pressure of the stream is directly translated to how much liquid was urinated.
  • Graffiti Eraser, where graffiti on a wall is removed with a hose. The stronger the pressure of your urine, the faster the wall becomes pristine.
  • The North Wind and Her, in which a horny north wind tries to blow a dress off a girl. The stronger the pressure of your urine, the harder it blows.
  • Milk from Nose, a faux-sumo game in which two characters blow milk out of their noses to push the other out of the ring. The stronger pressure between you and the person that used that urinal before you wins. Yes, it’s a multiplayer game – albeit non-realtime.
  • Waiting in line at the men’s room is going to be brutal when this comes out.

    Via: Akihabara News

    Robot Arm that Mimics Human Gestures

    Via: DigInfo

    Robots Get in the Festive Spirit

    Yes, that’s a robot Raptor dressed up as Santa Claus. No, I don’t think he’s coming down your chimney on Christmas Eve, but I can’t make any promises. My friends over at Plastic Pals recently posted some videos and pictures of Japanese robots getting in the Christmas spirit by dressing up as Old St. Nick. Below is MKR-003 the medical tray carrying robot dancing to carols with human reindeer.

    Via: PlasticPals

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