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This Week in Japan Tech Jan 15

16 January 2011 No Comment

Super Cooled Supercomputer

One problem with supercomputers is that they produce massive amounts of heat. The energy required for cooling these systems is about 30 to 50 percent of their total energy consumption. The Tokyo Institute of technology plans to leave the cooling to nature by using ice, snow and underground water from colder regions such as Hokkaido. If this 5 year project is successful it could mean large amounts of energy would be saved.
via Far East Gizmos Photo: Michael Yamashita

Hot Booze Creates a Superconductor

Who said alcohol was good for nothing?

A Japanese scientist who “likes alcohol very much” has discovered that soaking samples of material in hot party drinks for 24 hours turns them into superconductors at ambient temperature.

Apparently after a party, Dr. Yoshihiko Takano wondered if the drinks they had been having were any good as conductors. Beer, red and white wine and shochu were tested with red wine being the most conductive. Check out PhysOrg for the full article and comments from people who know a lot more about conductivity. If you have any questions about Japanese alcohol though, I’m your guy.

Sony Handycam with Built in Projector

Here’s something I would never have thought of; this little HD camcorder has a built in projector that can display an image the size of a 20 inch screen. These are coming out in April and will cost $1000.

More cool stuff

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