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This Week in Japan Tech – Feb 5

6 February 2011 4 Comments

Make Music by Touching Your Friends
Ningen Gakki (Human Musical Instrument) is a new toy from Takara Tomy that turns the body into a musical instrument.  A sound is produced when one person holding the Ningen Gakki taps another, up to four people can join in the fun. The toy makes a variety of sounds depending on the combination of it’s 4 diodes being touched.

Bluetooth-capable Digital Pen

The AirPenPocket can wirelessly transmit and store characters and imagines drawn on paper. This means you can take notes and draw pictures while out and then later have your information transmitted via bluetooth to your PC. There plans to have the pen also work seamlessly with smartphones and tablets. More info at TechOn

China Shows Off the Rolls Royce of Pianos

I came across pictures of a luxury piano dubbed the “Rolls Royce of Pianos”. This really fancy looking instrument was spotted at at Deji Square in Nanjing, East China. It reportedly costs 2 million yuan ($302,984)

via: Far East Gizmos

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