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This Week in Japan Tech – Feb 12

14 February 2011 2 Comments

Robot Baby Head

Meet Affetto (Italian for affection), he’s a robot designed to look like a human infant of about 1 to 2 years old. Affetto is currently only a head, but researchers have put a lot of effort into his realistic facial expressions. His skin is made of soft rubber and beneath are a motors and wires attached to different points on the face. These are used the simulate different facial expressions, for example his eyebrows a can move up and down, his upper lip can protrude, his eyes move around in unison etc. Affetto was developed to study early human social development by observing the interaction between infant and caregiver. The robot was developed to be as realistic as possible for the caregivers and is able to mimic the facial expressions of the adults taking care of them. Researchers are currently working on the torso and implementing sensors in the head. Video below. More at Plastic Pals.

Scalp Health Camera

Scaloupe is a USB camera that you can use to see close ups of your scalp. You can monitor the video in real time from your computer screen and also take snapshots. I guess this is for people who are obsessed with their hair. The scaloupe costs $95.

via: DigInfo

Happy Vallentine’s Day!

Meiji Seika Kaisha confectionary factory in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture. Created a world record by having the largest advertisement made of plastic. The huge 166 x 28 meter display was made to look like a chocolate bar. Here in Japan it’s customary for women to give men chocolate on 14th. The men at Meiji Seika have more than enough for the next decade.

via: Far East Gizmos

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