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This Week in Japan Tech – Feb 19

21 February 2011 One Comment

Tokyo’s “Robot & Human Concert”

Toyota recently showcased their i-REAL personal mobility vehicle and brought along their musically gifted Partner Robots to set the mood. A violin playing robot and trumpet playing robot performed with human musicians as the i-REAL was being demonstrated. Check out (wo)man and machine playing the violin in harmony.

Here’s the i-REAL in motion.

Check: PlasticPals for links to more videos.

Turn Plastic Bags to Fuel at Home

Those of us who haven’t been eco-friendly enough to carry our own bags to the supermarket, have wasted countless numbers of plastic bags over the years. Now there’s a way to turn all that trash into fuel, right at home. The machine called the Be-h heats up waste plastic and condenses the vapor to form cruel oil. This can then be use to power a heater or be converted to gasoline using a different machine. This could potentially save a lot of money. But at $10,000, consumers will be hesitant to give it a try just yet. Creators expect the price to drop as demand increases.

via: PhysOrg

Love Plus Arcade Edition

Remember the Love Plus dating simulator for the 3DS? Now the arcade edition is out. So you can display your pathetic loneliness in public. I’m saving up a jar of 100yen coins for just that. Later folks. I’m gonna meet my “girlfriend” at the arcade.

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