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Robot with Chainsaw goes Wild in Crowd!

8 December 2011 5 Comments

So I’m doing my nightly youtube surfing, checking out some videos of International Robot Expo 2011 when I found this and my jaw dropped.

What the hell was that?! But then I thought to myself; I was there, I don’t remember seeing that particular “ROBOTOM” humanoid and none of the robot blogs I follow reported anything about any accidents, that would have definitely been big news. And was that a chainsaw that I heard? Why hell would there be a robot at an expo with a chainsaw? Then I saw “Botex” in title and figured that this was probably a different expo that I had missed. So I proceeded to search and came up with this video below.

Ofcourse, now I’m feeling like an absolute idiot because this is quite OBVIOUSLY fake. Some well thought out viral marketing going on, but my googling skills have yet to provide me with the source of these videos. If anyone finds out please let me know.

Oh here’s another one.

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