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Robot Teacher Wins Kindergarten Kids’ Hearts [Video]

20 June 2011 One Comment

Earlier this year we told you about the Korean government’s plan to replace native English speaking teachers with robots in 3 to 5 years, they certainly haven’t forgotten their promise. Kindergarten classrooms are currently in the process of conducting a three week field trial of the robot KIRO and the students seem to be enjoying it.

KIRO takes an interactive approach to education, teaching students the basics such as the English alphabet with its games and educational software. These different programs can be activated by touching smart cards to the robot’s chest. According to teacher feedback these robo-lessons seem to improve the students’ concentration and creative thinking. I know I would have paid more attention in class if my teacher had touchscreen monitor for a chest. Aside from being school teachers, KIROs are also being tested as museum guides to much success, there has been a great response from visitors and museums. The Robot Institute, the company that developed KIRO, has plans to market the robot not only in Korea but also in China, Europe and the US. Reports like this keep reminding me that we’re edging closer to average person living side-by-side with robots.

via PlasticPals

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