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Robot Noses Better Thanks to Frogs

27 August 2010 No Comment

Imagine a world in which your robot pal compliments you on your new cologne. You smile and tell him thanks, then he goes on to tell you that he’s analysed it’s molecular content and that it’ll give you cancer if you keep using it. Hence totally ruining your day.

We're one step closer to that reality thanks to bio-engineers at the University of Tokyo. Using genetically modified cells from frog eggs, researchers were able to make an electronic nose far superior in accuracy than one's currently in use. This "living sensor" was demonstrated by attaching it to a robot head that moved whenever it smelled moth hormones. (See video below)

Bio-engineer Shoji Takeuchi believes that these robot noses will some day be able to detect traces of disease in our breath.

We look forward to the day when robots will too being trying to figure out who "delt it".

Via: NODE > Via: New Scientist

Photo credit: http://www.freakingnews.com/Robot-Britney-Spears-Pics-30447.asp

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