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Remember the Robot Suit from Aliens?

27 October 2010 No Comment

Remember that suit from the Alien movies that Ripley uses to kick the alien queen’s ass? Well now you can buy one.

panasonic's power loader with arms
This was the inspiration for Panasonic’s POWERLOADER robot suits. They were developed to augment the wearer’s strength making them able to easily perform tasks strenuous and repetitive tasks. Like loading crates in the cargo bay of a space ship or fighting giant aliens.

Panasonic Power-Loader Light

Is just me or does she look like a Ghost Buster?

Recently news of “POWERLOADER Light” has been released. This a slimed down version of the suit. It can increase the power of your leg movements by 40 kg. It’s priced at $223,000 with a discount for developers at $111,500; given that they publish their research within a year.

Robot blog Plastic pals states  that:

The suit could be used as a research platform in robotics, man-machine interfacing, BMI (brain-machine interfacing), and so on, and could target rehabilitation care.

What would you use this for? The future?

NODE via Plastic Pals

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