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Realistic Dental Training Robot Made with Love

2 July 2011 One Comment

When this dental training robot needed an upgrade, love doll makers were called in to do what they do best, give it more of a human touch. Meet Hanako Showa 2, the second generation of a this training robot used by students of dentistry to hone their skills before taking on patients that have the power to sue.

The above pictures show just how much more improved Hanako 2 is compared to her predecessor. Her PVC skin has been replaced with softer silicone by love doll company Oriental, giving her a more human look. But this isn’t just a dummy, Hanako is capable of natural movements that imitate a real patient, she can shake her head, roll her eyes, blink, move her tonuge, sneeze and cough. As a way to keep students mindful of discomfort felt by patients, she can indicate that she’s tired of keeping her mouth open for too long and she also has a gag reflex. She’s also capable of conversation using a speech recognition system, you can see her chatting in the video below.

source: DigInfo

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