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Panasonic to Build Eco Friendly Smart Town

9 June 2011 No Comment

Imagine a community of 1000 homes that produces its own clean energy to power its cars and houses. Panasonic is currently establishing that with the design of this eco-friendly neighborhood, the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST).

The Fujisawa SST will be built in the same location of a former Panasonic factory in Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to the 1000 homes, the 47 acre town will also include commercial and public buildings for the expected 3,000 townspeople. Panasonic hopes to reduce carbon emissions by 70% compared to 1990, by using various energy producing and power-saving technologies built into the community’s infrastructure.

Each house will have solar panels built on the roof and storage batteries so that the household can use reserves. Their will also be shared power stations where electric vehicles can be charged.

According to Panasonic Fujisawa SST will be opened up to residents in March, 2014 and they hope to have every home occupied by 2018, just in time for their 100th anniversary.

This project isn’t the first announcement of it’s kind this year. Honda announced their own Smart Home program just three days before Panasonic’s SST. Obviously both companies are concerned with the potential energy crisis Japan is now facing and are offering possible solutions for the future. Here’s hoping some healthy competition between corporations will bring about a lot more developments in the use of eco – friendly energy.

Panasonic via PopSci & CE Pro

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