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[9 Mar 2012 | One Comment ]
EyeCan – Eye operated mouse from Samsung [Video]

Last month Samsung announced the release of the eyeCAN; an eye motion controlled virtual mouse. This device consists of a motion tracker mounted to the frame of a pair of lens-less glasses. The user’s eye movements are used to control cursor motion and clicks (I assume blinks count as clicks). eyeCAN was developed specially for paralyzed individuals who have no other means by which to use a computer.

When I saw the eyeCan, I was immediately reminded of the EyeWriter; the $50 eye tracker that we talked about back in 2010. …

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[5 Mar 2012 | One Comment ]
Japan Invents a Speech Jamming Gun [Video]

“I wish the mute button on this remote would shut you up!”, I remember frequently saying this to a cousin of mine that wouldn’t shut up while I was watching TV. Thanks to Japan now we have a device to silence those who annoy us. With the Speech Jammer can silence your target by simply pointing it at them.
The Jammer works by recording the person’s voice and projecting it back at them with a 0.2 second delay. Hearing their own voice with the delay makes the speaker confused and almost …

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[3 Feb 2012 | One Comment ]
Nissan Creates a Self Healing iPhone Case

Now your cellphone case can magically heal itself from scratches. Nissan has announced that they will be applying their Scratch Shield technology to iPhone cases. This self-healing technology has been used on paint jobs of Nissan and Infinity cars for the past four years. Now you can have it in the palm of you hands.

It works by using a polyrotaxane-based paint layer over a ABS plastic shell. The gel like substance can heal small scratches in as little as an hour while larger more serious scratches may take up a …

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[2 Feb 2012 | One Comment ]
Robot English Teachers Do the Tango

A little over a year ago we told you about EngKey; the robot English teachers whose mission is to replaced all native English speaking human teachers in Korea in the next 2 to 4 years. These telepresence bots allow the Korean government the opportunity save money on expensive salaries by recruiting cheaper but qualified teachers in the Philippines to operate the bots from thousands of kilometer away.
Though they may be taking away human jobs, are they cool enough to put us to shame on the dance room? This youtube video …

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