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Motion Capture Systems at TGS 2010

30 September 2010 No Comment

Japanese company Zero C Seven showcased two motion capture systems at TGS10. The MVN from The Netherlands and Organic Motion from the states.

MVN MVN is a camera-less motion tracking system that gives developers the ability to take motion capture out of the studio and into the field. The actor wears a tracking suit with 17 sensors which transmit data to be applied to a computer model that mimics the actor’s movements. Because of the portable nature of MVN, motion capture can be done in virtually any environment. This gives game developers a chance to capture more realistic animations.

Organic Motion requires no sensors or markers; it instead uses a setup of 14 cameras to seemingly magically track the movements of the actor. Anyone’s movement in the cameras’ optimal field of view can mapped in real-time to 3D model. Like MVN, Organic Motion has possible applications in the gaming and film industries, sports, scientific research and training.

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