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Knight Rider’s Car is Almost a Reality

16 January 2011 3 Comments

Though not quite yet KITT from Knight Rider, RoboCar can drive itself and is probably the smartest car on the planet. The single-seater EV is equipped with a stereo camera, an IMU (inertial measurement unit), speed sensor and a laser range finder which it uses to determine it’s location and steer. RoboCar® MEV was developed for research in the field of EVs and next generation transport.

The RoboCar® comes in 3 models.

  • Type A which has a drive-by-wire function and can autonomously reduce its speed. $34,728
  • Type B which has a steer-by-wire function and a steering control function plus Type A’s functions. $58,845
  • Type C has a brake-by-wire function, stereo camera and IMU plus Type B’s functions. $82,962

Just integrate some super advanced A.I. and it won’t be long until your car is also your best friend that can bust you out of jail. Video below.

via: TechOn and NODE (Jpn)

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