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Dynamic 3D Structures [Video]

24 October 2011 One Comment

The University of Tokyo’s Naemura Lab displayed an interesting prototype designed for dynamically expressing 3D shapes. These KineReels are extentable rods which when put together can be used to form a variety of shapes. What sets the KineReels apart from other 3D shape displays is their incredibly tall extended height compared to their retracted height. When in storage the rods are 120 mm and can reach a whopping 3000mm when fully extended. What makes this even more impressive is that this is achieved using commercially available tape measures as rods. Each of the rods consists 3 tape measures attached to motors. These tape measures are secured in a triangle cross section which creates a relatively strong rod compared to the flimsiness of each individual tape.

The possible applications of KineReels are in presentations, artistic decoration and architecture. Researcher Shohei Takei proposed that these devices (using stronger rods) could be used in creating a building’s structure. The extending and retracting of the rods could then dynamically change the shape and volume of a building, saving energy on heating during colder months by making the building smaller.

Naemura Lab KineReels Paper

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