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Japanese Robot on the moon by 2015

2 May 2010 No Comment

Humanoid for the moon
Maido-kun is his name and a company called SOHLA will spend 1 billion yen ($10.5 million US) to get him on the moon by 2015.

While we’ve had robots in space before e.g. the Mars Rovers, Maido-kun will be the first bipedal bot on an extraterrestrial surface. Robots with wheels or even with multiple legs seem more plausible, but according to SOHLA board member Noriyuki Yoshida, “Humanoid robots are glamorous, and they tend to get people fired up” and he’s right, I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t think the possibility of a humanoid on the moon wasn’t awesome.

Looking forward seeing videos of Maido-kun doing the robot, lunar style.

via: GizMag

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