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InsideAR Comes to Tokyo

7 July 2013 No Comment


InsideAR is an augmented reality expo which takes place in Munich each year. Put on my AR product manufacturers Metaio, InsideAR is the largest augmented reality conference in the world. What started as a small group of computer vision researchers back in 2006 has become an international showcase of the incredible potential of AR applications. Below is a video of some highlights of last year’s event in Munich.

This year InsideAR will be doing their first event in Tokyo. Being a media sponsor, TokyoTek is excited about seeing potentially groundbreaking demos from the likes of IKEA, Mitsubishi Electric Enterprise, LEGO Digital Box and SoftBank to name a few. The event will be held on July 23rd in Akihabara, stay tuned for some coverage.


InsideAR Tokyo

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