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Final Fantasy Diet Chair

24 November 2010 3 Comments

When Ryo started his diet, he got really bored with measuring his progress and keeping motivated. So he did what any good geek would do; use a video game to help him out, and thus the “Final Fantasy V Diet Chair” was created.

It’s simple, Ryo sets a goal and measures his weight everyday, his progress with is diet is shown as progress in a Final Fantasy V video. For this he uses a Wii balance board hooked up to his PC and a custom Google Chrome add on. Here’s Ryo at MAKE Tokyo Meeting 06 showing how it works.

The Wii balance board is interfaced with Ryo’s PC using a C# program that writes the result of each weighing to a MySQL database. Using variables such as the date, current weight and target weight, his progess is calculated on an Apache server running PHP, as a percentage value and then used to decide the length of the FFV video. So if he’s current progress is 50% of the goal then half the video plays. This data is also integrated into a Chrome add on that shows his progress over time.

Ryo has lost about 7 pounds so far and says he has fun doing it.

Image copyright Square Enix

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