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Custom Car with an Audio Doll

26 January 2012 No Comment

Fumihiro Takeda spent over ten years and 20 million yen modifying a Nissan Infiniti Q45 into what he calls the “Mayumi Special”. In Takeda own words “To put it simply, this is an awesome car. I want to make cars that interest even people who aren’t usually interested, including children. I want to create cars that make people say wow, cars that are fun to look at, that are not just pretty cool, but awesome.”

The Mayumi Special has an all red body, huge rear spoiler and speakers and LEDs everywhere. The most noticeable thing about this car is the “audio doll” in the passenger seat; a mannequin with speakers and LCD screens built into its body (check out the boob speakers). The doll can be removed and used on its own as aux speakers or to give someone else the chance to ride shotgun.

So, is this project worth a decade of your time and US$260,000 of your hard earned cash?

source: DigInfo

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