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[9 May 2012 | No Comment | ]
Today’s Video: Gundam Rises Again

The world famous 1:1 Gundam made it’s return to Odaiba this spring. Youtube user Darwinfish105 has the best short videos of this beast. Even one with last weeks super-moon in the backdrop.

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[8 May 2012 | No Comment | ]
How a Real Transformer Rolls

Watch as this mini-Transformer shape-shifts from vehicle to humanoid mode and even throws out an uppercut. This little Autobot was designed and built by Kenji Ishida while working with JS Robotics. Making a transforming robot is a lot more difficult than it seems. Mr. Ishida’s bot performs the transformation relatively quickly while maintaining balance. All this presented in a 2 min youtube video better than the last two Transformers films.

via: PlasticPals

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[2 Feb 2012 | One Comment | ]
Robot English Teachers Do the Tango

A little over a year ago we told you about EngKey; the robot English teachers whose mission is to replaced all native English speaking human teachers in Korea in the next 2 to 4 years. These telepresence bots allow the Korean government the opportunity save money on expensive salaries by recruiting cheaper but qualified teachers in the Philippines to operate the bots from thousands of kilometer away.
Though they may be taking away human jobs, are they cool enough to put us to shame on the dance room? This youtube video …

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[1 Feb 2012 | One Comment | ]
Robot Gets Stuck in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Upgraded Brothers Continue the Work

In October last year, Quincy, a Japanese made disaster relief robot got stranded in Fukushima nuclear power plant’s No. 2 reactor building. While on it’s way back from taking photos and measuring radiation levels, all communication with the robot was suddenly cut off. After attempts to restart the robot, it was discovered that it’s cable had snapped. Quincy has since been abandoned inside the reactor.
The robot’s work will be continued by two updated versions Quincy 2 and Quincy 3. Quincy 2 has a dust sampler with which it can collect …

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[8 Dec 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
Robot with Chainsaw goes Wild in Crowd!

So I’m doing my nightly youtube surfing, checking out some videos of International Robot Expo 2011 when I found this and my jaw dropped.

What the hell was that?! But then I thought to myself; I was there, I don’t remember seeing that particular “ROBOTOM” humanoid and none of the robot blogs I follow reported anything about any accidents, that would have definitely been big news. And was that a chainsaw that I heard? Why hell would there be a robot at an expo with a chainsaw? Then I saw “Botex” …

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[21 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]
Japanese Kids Play Dentist with Simroid Robot

At the International Robot Exhibition 2011, robot makers Kokoro gave kids in a attendance the chance to play dentist with their dental training robot Simroid.

Simroid was nicknamed “Pain Girl” due to her sensitivity to pain and ability to notify dental trainees of her discomfort. She was modeled to look as close to a 28 year old Japanese woman as possible and responds to touch with human like movements and facial expressions. This so that the trainee will feel as if he/she is working with a real patient. She as also …

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[16 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]
Teddy Bear Robotic Pillow Stops Snoring with a Paw to the Face

Sleep apnea is a condition in which sufferers have abnormal pauses in breathing while sleeping, resulting in low blood oxygen levels. It’s usually characterized by acute snoring and symptoms include daytime drowsiness and constant fatigue. This condition is sometimes so severe, surgery is needed. So when researchers from Wasaeda University sought to tackle this problem, their solution was… A robotic bear pillow.

The robot monitors the sleeper’s blood oxygen levels via a pulse meter worn on the hand. Readings are checked against a program which has the patient’s vital statistics. The …

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[15 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]
6 Robots that *Don’t* Take People’s Jobs

Let’s face it. Robots are cool, but nobody wants them.
You hear it all the time: “Why don’t you just ask a human to fold towels/entertain/vacuum/work on an assembly line? Do we really need them? Why robots, when I can just hire my favourite minimum wage immigrant?” The questions are hard, but true.
The business of robots is bleak. Outside of research and education, robots in Japan and abroad are now sold to companies as crowd-draws. What happens when the novelty wears off?
Let me tell you what I think:
What we need are …

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[10 Nov 2011 | 3 Comments | ]
ASIMO’s Birthday Upgrade Rocks!

Last month marked ASIMO’s 11 year anniversary, and boy has he grown up. Unlike his birthday celebration last year where he displayed no significant improvements, this time Honda rolled out a model they call “All-new ASIMO”. This make-over is the robot-boy’s first major redesign since 2007.

With this upgrade ASIMO can perform amazing feats of acrobatics (by biped robot standards). He able to jump a few inches off the ground and even jump while balancing on one leg. He can not only run faster, with a top-speed increase from 6 kph …

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[8 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]
Japan Creates a Robotic Guide Dog for the Blind

Now human beings shouldn’t be the only ones worried about robots taking our jobs. Noble guide dogs may have to watch out for these robo-dogs being developed to be assistance dogs for the blind. Robot parts manufacturer NSK has been working on this robot since 2005 and with each model they move closer to their goal. Below is a video showing a side by side comparison of the 2nd prototype vs the 3rd and current prototype.

As you can see the current prototype is a huge improvement over the previous in …

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