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The Breathalyzer Watch isn’t Afraid to Say You’re Drunk

16 June 2011 2 Comments

Remember that ex you drunk dialed? Or that facebook status that ruined your life? Don’t you wish there was a way you could have known for sure that you were completely wasted? (Would it have mattered?) TokyoFlash’s new LED watch concept wants to solve that problem, it’s also a breathalyzer.

The “Alcohol Test Function” is activated by the touch of a button, a cap is then released revealing the port. To find out your blood alcohol level, blow into the port and await your results. Your blood alcohol is then displayed as a percentage on the LED screen, there are also colors that correspond to your level of intoxication; green: dis-inhibition , yellow: impaired sensations and red: unconsciousness (you’re probably not the one who took the test in that case). The blood alcohol level range for “dis-inhibition” seems to be way off though, according to Wikipedia’s list of legal limits for blood alcohol while driving, 0.9% is illegal for driving in all countries. Maybe it’s just that the designer can really hold his liquor?

As with all of the concept designs on TokyoFlash if you want to see this one made, just vote for it. Who knows, maybe something like this could save a lot of us from mornings of deep regret.


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