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Automatic Page Turner Helps the Disabled Enjoy Their Favorite Books

20 July 2011 No Comment

In the age of e-readers and tablet computers the idea of a machine that turns book pages automatically may seem a bit silly. But it might not seem so silly if you consider people with disabilities who are unable to pick up a book and read it for themselves, such a machine gives them the independence of reading one of their favorite books at their own pace. The Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry acknowledged the value of these devices by giving one a Robot of the Year Award back in 2008.

At ROBOTECH 2011 I spotted a READABLE 3, third in a line of page turning robots made by the company Double Research and Development. This page turner can hold books of a variety of sizes, from about the size of a paperback novel (110×150×15mm) to the size of a thin telephone directory (210×300×45mm). It was quite mesmerizing watching it cycle through pages, it’s a bit on the noisy side though. Video below.


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