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ASIMO’s Birthday Upgrade Rocks!

10 November 2011 3 Comments

Last month marked ASIMO’s 11 year anniversary, and boy has he grown up. Unlike his birthday celebration last year where he displayed no significant improvements, this time Honda rolled out a model they call “All-new ASIMO”. This make-over is the robot-boy’s first major redesign since 2007.

With this upgrade ASIMO can perform amazing feats of acrobatics (by biped robot standards). He able to jump a few inches off the ground and even jump while balancing on one leg. He can not only run faster, with a top-speed increase from 6 kph to 9 kph, but now can also run backwards. He was also shown maintaining his balance while walking on a path with a few bumpy obstacles.

His hands also received a major upgrade with each finger being able to move independently allowing him to perform sign language. The fingers also each have a force sensor and the palm of both hands has a tactile sensor making ASIMO able to carry out delicate tasks as demonstrated by him unscrewing a flask and pouring tea into a cup. Which was a bit slow as expected but looked really natural to me.

ASIMO’s artificial intelligence also received an upgrade. His new voice recognition and facial recognition system combined allows him to hear and understand 3 people talking at once and identify who says what. Which means he’s be able to carry out a conversation with 3 people simultaneously, pretty impressive.


via Plastic Pals

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