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AR Walker – Augmented Reality Tour Guide

15 October 2010 3 Comments

DOCOMO’s AR Walker, with this you’d never be lost again. The AR walker aims to be you own personal augmented reality tour guide.


Imagine you were lost in a huge city in foreign country and you suck at reading maps. All you would have to do is attach a small device to your glasses. The mounted device has a screen that gives you directions to, and information about your target location. If you’re going the wrong way an arrow would appear to point you in the right direction. When you’ve reached your destination DoCoMo’s mascot congratulates you on reaching your goal.

The AR Walker would also be useful for just exploring a new city with no goal in mind. You’d be able to wander the streets and have information about interesting locations pop-up on screen, shops, restaurant and other places worth seeing. You’d also be able to check the weather at anytime by just looking up at the sky.

Great! So when can I buy one?

Unfortunately there are no plans to start production just yet. DoCoMo’s aim with this demo is to just see if the public would be interested in such a device.

So, are you?

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