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A Stylish Radiation Detector to Protect the Babies?

6 April 2011 One Comment

With all the talk of radiation these days, I’m not surprised to see this; a prototype for a stylish wrist-worn radiation detector. The detector changes color and starts vibrating whenever the wearer gets close to a source of high radiation.

There’s arguably nothing wrong with providing a product to addresses consumers’ current concerns. I know plenty us here in Kanto region of Japan would have been eager to snatch up this gadget during the height of the nuclear reactor scare. What I think is over-kill, is the marketing direction the designers are taking. The “Care” being pitched to pregnant women in way that would make them feel that using a hair-dryer will result in them giving birth to a two headed baby. See pictures below. Bit too much?

source: Yanko Design via: DVICE

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