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World’s First Commercially Available Power Suit??

What’s the best way to sell a state of the art 12.5 million yen robot suit? Get a school girl to model it of course. Sagawa Electronics has released a video with their spokesperson “Scar-face Santaro”  of what they call the world’s first commercially available powered suit: The Powered Jacket MK3.  Video below.

Assuming that you’ve just watched that hilarious video; you must be wondering if it’s a joke or not.  Though  it’s obviously not what you’d consider a power-suit, apparently 5 units of the MK3 is actually available for purchase.  There is …

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3D Print your Baby Before Birth [Video]

Japanese company Fasotec provides expectant couples the opportunity to touch the face of their unborn babies by way of a 3D model.

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World’s first scooter with an iPhone dashboard

Terra Motors, a Japanese start-up company that specializes in lightweight electric vehicles, has announced the release of their “e-Scooter A4000i”.  This electric scooter is the world’s first smartphone integrated scooter to  begin mass production.
The A4ooi has a compartment on the dashboard in which an iPhone fits. The  iPhone can display the vehicle’s speed,  mileage data and energy consumption. It has a top speed of 60 miles per hr and can travel about 40 miles per charge. The removable lithium battery can be charged in about 4.5 hrs.

“We took into consideration …

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Watch this Little Robot Nail a Quadruple Backflip

Robot hobbyist youtube user hinamitetu shows off his horizontal bar gymnast robot “NO. 16″. It quite impressively nails the landing of a quadruple backflip, amazing stuff. Don’t try this at home

via: Robots Dreams

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Robot lets Doctors Take Emergency Ultrasounds from Miles Away

Internal bleeding is one of the most serious injuries caused by blunt trauma, as in the case of a car accident. If severe causes are left undetected it could lead to death. Luckily modern medicine has methods of detecting and treating such injuries. For example FAST: the use of an ultrasound to detect ruptures in blood passages. However this procedure can usually only be performed at an hospital. Enter FASTele, an ultrasound robot that can be strapped on the chest of a victim and controlled by a doctor from a …